Why ‘complete’ and ‘in a relationship’ aren’t synonymous

“My other half.”

It’s tossed around Facebook innocently enough, typically paired with a sickeningly cute couple photo (Hey, I’m a single 20-something, I’m allowed to be jealous and angsty from time to time). You know, the one you like and maybe comment “Presh!” or something equally deep. Then, the dreaded caption: “My other half,” or, even worse, “My everything.”

Now I’m all for expressing love for other people, but those sneaky, little words perpetuate an ugly idea about selfhood and more broadly, dating. They remind us that we are, apparently, not complete unless paired with another member of the human race.

In the world of ‘Facebook-official’ everything, the need to not only ‘complete’ oneself but also proclaim it alarms me. ‘Likes’ and all those inevitable “Precious!” comments affirm the wholeness one can only find in a relationship.

Though I’m not in a relationship — ‘Facebook-official’ or otherwise — and though I lack an album of ‘cute couple’ photos, I feel complete.

And I want you to know you’re complete, too, regardless of your relationship status.

So, let’s continue celebrating love. Keep posting those adorable couple photos (I’ll probably be the first one to ‘like’ and favorite many of them, per my serial-liking skills).

But let’s celebrate and acknowledge our innate, individual wholeness, too.

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