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Moving out (of my comfort zone)

Ready to move out (of my comfort zone)On June 1, I move out. Out of Des Moines. Out of my hometown. Out of the dorms at Drake. Out of, temporarily, the college newspaper scene.

Out of, hopefully, my comfort zone.

As I prepare to physically move out, I face a psychological move out, too, as I prepare for not one but two new jobs. In June, I move two hours away to work as a reporter and photographer at The Observer. In August, I move to my new role as Times-Delphic editor-in-chief.

Though both moves cue momentary stress, I am eager to start for several reasons.

At The Observer, I want to move beyond the section I know and love, one that prefers baskets and aces to court documents and police reports. Though news poses new challenges and a new style, I am ready for a change of pace.

That goal translates to my Times-Delphic job, too.

At The Times-Delphic, I plan to revamp the news section and rely less on the campus calendar and more on hard news. Though I throw the vague phrase “hard news” around constantly, I have a sense of what that phrase actually means for Drake and The Times-Delphic.

I want to talk to Drake students and faculty constantly. I want to learn what bothers them. I want to report on what bothers students and faculty rather than what speaker discussed global relations last Thursday night.

I hope both jobs strengthen my sense of “hard news” and perhaps, endear me to court documents and police reports as to baskets and aces.

When I move out on June 1, I hope to do more than pile my memories in boxes upon boxes (I always over-pack). I hope to move out of my comfort zone and move out of my sports-only outlook. To move to a new realm of news, one I hope welcomes me.