I’m going to law school

In other life news, I tried to be one with nature last weekend.

In other life news, I tried to be one with nature last weekend. I took a selfie in a park and went trail running.

We sprawled on the floor of his fraternity house, rulers, paper slips and Spotted Cow bottles encircling us. We taped and talked, perfecting the poster for his senior pre-law thesis. He wanted to study sports law. I wanted to make it through my junior journalism capstone. He wanted to get into Marquette (he did). I wanted to stay in Des Moines and find a summer internship. That semester-long, unspoken “What are we?” flirtationship faded with his graduation, but I kept law school in mind.

I remember looking at law programs my junior and senior years of college. I didn’t tell anyone, even as the guy I was seeing navigated the law school application process.

We’re not ready for our dreams sometimes.

He congratulated me on my graduation, on other life events and was thrilled when I posted on Facebook upon registering for the June LSAT.

I was more fascinated by his life path than by him. My interest in being an attorney emerged in the living room of a fraternity house as I drank beer on a Sunday night in April, just weeks before his graduation, eight months before my own.

We’re not ready for our dreams sometimes.

I’m going to law school in the fall. I said it for the first time this past weekend, letting the words escape slowly, each one a little more real than the last. I don’t know where I’m going to school or where I’ll live. It’s a thrilling kind of uncertainty, a stark departure from the medical uncertainty I’ve faced the past seven months. This kind of uncertainty is almost addictive, tinged with new expectations and people and a career path.

I’m sitting on the living room floor of my first big-girl apartment as I write this. I’m drinking beer (gluten-free, you guys, don’t worry). It feels bizarrely, beautifully poetic in that 20-something, what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life way.

We’re still not quite ready for our dreams sometimes. The fun part is going for them anyway.

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