Embracing newness

Yesterday, I hired several members of my 2013-14 Times-Delphic staff. My staff. The phrase stumbles off my tongue, a sign that I adjust slowly to my new role and new power.

Adjusting to my new role as editor-in-chief

Editor-in-chief. Even my own title trips off my tongue.

Even as I adjust to the newness — new staff, new tasks and new goals — I am eager to start in August. Eager to lead a small but lively editorial staff of 14. Eager to prove to myself and to the larger newspaper realm that reserved people can lead. Eager to encounter and overcome all kinds of dilemmas. Like everything else, I expect those dilemmas to feel new, even though I study and anticipate them every day as a Drake University journalism student.

Just last week, a friend asked about my Times-Delphic goals for the 2013-14 school year. As I rambled on, as the words “communication” and “improvement” replayed over and over, I felt overwhelmed, suddenly. How would I manage to restructure the news section, invent a feedback system, impose earlier deadlines, include more infographics and improve staff communication all in two semesters?

Since that day, though, I try to remember that “perfect” is hardly probable. I may forget to delete an Oxford comma. I may neglect to include a student’s age. I may forget that “Houston” stands alone. Sorry, Texas.

As I contemplate and fear all the errors I may overlook, though, I return to the lively bunch of 14 I noted earlier. Fourteen editors from diverse backgrounds. Fourteen editors all dedicated to the same eight pages and the same goals as I am. Fourteen editors who, I know, can help me grow as I, hopefully, help them grow.

Editor-in-chief. My new title sounds less scary every time I write it. One day, hopefully, a few comma errors, forgotten ages and “Houston, Texas” mentions later, it will glide off my tongue.

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